North Carolina
  Champions League
Field Directions
League Rules
U09-U10 Boys
U09-U10 Girls


To enhance the development of our young players, the league has implemented the following rules to be followed during all league matches:
Age Group League Rule Comments
U09 On an opposing teams goal kick, the defending team must drop back to the center line.  The purpose of this rule is to encourage the attacking team to play the ball out of the defensive end.  Once the goal kick has been executed the defending team is allowed to pressure the ball.
U09 Any keeper punts that cross the center line, will result in an indirect free kick from the center line for the opposing team. The purpose of this rules is to encourage goal keepers to distribute the ball to their team, as opposed to punting it to the other end of the field.
U09 & U10 The offsides rule is enforced.  
All The home team is responsible for all referee assignments and fees for each game. Each league has a different process for assigning and paying referees.  So, we will make the management of the referees the home team's responsibility.  Once again, this is just for league games.
U09 All games will be 7v7 and 30 minute halves.  
U10 All games will be 8v8 and 30 minute halves.